This way or that

Oftentimes we react rather than act to life experiences. The difference is that when you simply react, you subtract your conscious effort to make a choice. It is your right and duty to act rather than react. This is why it is called free will, because without it we are simply instinctive and living by some carnal impulse imbedded deep within. Perhaps this is the dark part within us and the light is the logic or the heart of ones mind. Without this part we cannot truly be happy since we are not truly conscious. When one allows this to become ones life, one becomes passive, ill even. Ill with thoughts and images which perhaps one does not wish upon oneself. These images and thoughts, obsessions so to speak are involuntary, coming from a place inside ones brain that is imbalanced, creating a disarray of hormones and causing one to obsess over things which are a combination of life experiences as well as hormonal imbalance. These concepts meet to create a point in a humans life that will give him the opportunity to take a decision, be it good or bad towards light or towards dark. Those that are young and have repetitve experiences of abuse and are bombarded by such intrusive thoughts and images are not as lucky as others to choose a path of light and use their experience to help those with similar fates. They should however reach a point in their life when they are ready to make such a decision. When that climactic moment or shift is about to occur it is almost always positively evident that those who choose a path of light have had one person or subject influence them in a positive way; an example of light. It is not always certain that the individual will choose a path of light but in most cases it is observed that this is true. Be it a teacher, a pet or a perfect stranger who gave some insightful meaning to life, there is a difference. My point is that in life we cannot be certain who is on which path and at what stage each person is on their path, with this in mind and provided that we are working towards our own higher purpose, it is imperative that we keep in mind the kind of influence we can have on each and every being crossing our path. You might be the turning point in someones path that decides to become a social worker rather than a serial rapist. Think about it. You may be a tiny dustlet on this planet but your support will count even when you don’t think it matters…


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