The voice of freedom

It is as though we are floating through the air, bouncing off each other and hoping for rainbows to appear through the clouds. The days do not belong to us. They never did and they never will. As babies and young children we are led but never truly lead, even when our curiosity gives birth to questioning the world around us, even that is guided by our need to feel home and well loved. In our later years our ‘sculpted minds’ can do nothing else but explore the world from a perspective that is moulded by what society expects from us. How do we stray from that? And even those that do stray are led by a need to be acknowledged by society or someone, no matter how or at what cost. (My question to you is this; whose destiny are u following, or more precisely to be fair, is whose are you leading?) Our generation has a great need to be acknkwledged. We go to college, university, join clubs and become experts in fields we may not necessarily feel an expertise in simply because we have a need to make someone proud. Rarely are students led by their own voices. The voices telling us to be doctors or lawyers or financial executives are those of our fathers and mothers who struggled to make ends meet. They are the voices of the thousands that watched in awe as a few climbed the financial ladder and rose to great heights whilst they struggled to share a loaf of bread between six children. Those voices guide us, but they are not our own. Take a minute to silently find your voice. Where is it taking you? Is it leading you into a world you do not feel you belong, or are you finding yourself deliriously happy? Do you wake in the morning and long for the day, or do you push the covers back over your head? Do you sleep eight hours and still need more or do you get four hours and feel on top of the world? Your approach to life my be dampening your style, and this is probably because you are lead by a voice inside which does not resound your own. The world around us is collapsing because truly and honestly our focus is debilitating. It places worth on paper which originally was meant to be a symbol of ones worth. The truth however is that ones worth cannot be measured, nor can it be graded. People of one class cannot override another class. An adult is not worth more than a child because there is more of him or her. No, ones worth cannot be measured. Each and every individual, just as each living and breathing organism exists and has life flowing through it, stands for something, since each has their own specific story and purpose to follow. For this reason it is important for individuals to be taught to hear their own voice if they are unable to do so and not to latch onto other peoples dreams. Children are meant to be guided not steered since they are the foundation on which our tomorrows are built. Can we trust a government or a nation that places worth on a symbol that decides who is more and who is less? Would you trust a parent who favored your brother over you and compared you to others, or a parent who ignored you when you were visiting friends whilst they put on a show? Doesn’t this lead to rebellion? Doesn’t it lead to distrust and enmeshed relationships? This is how we are raising our children, so why do we look at the world and our government and expect anything more from them. Until we learn to look at our lives, our patterns and truly start to alter the way we do things and think, only then can we absolutely change the world in which we live and create.


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