Departing from thought

It’s unreal how one moment we are here and the next we are not. There is no feeling behind this. We chop and change moments like they are disposable, and they are, and yet each one, before the next is so precious. Still we place value on the next and the how and the who of this world. We hope and pray for things and happiness that is not now, touching a part of tomorrow that in truth always remains untouched. No matter how we plan or arrange our tomorrows they never quite come to us as we plan them to. So we always live another moment that is in our dreams. It may be too confrontational to focus on the now, but in truth, when you choose to avoid the pain of yearning for the next moment, then you open yourself up to the truth and this truth is a whole new world. This process is only difficult for a little while. Until you can learn to be courageous and live in the moment since it requires a great degree of honesty, you will never truly be happy or complete. When you are not doing this you are living a dream or a life that is not yours because you are giving it to tomorrow or yesterday, living either in fear or anxiety. You do not wake up to each moment and do what is truly required from the depth of you. When this becomes clear, the fear of dying no longer looms its ugly head above you, because there is only the now. Now becomes the most important time and nothing else seems to exist.


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