On the field of life

There is a world of volume in things not said, in simple experiences, in just observing your life and things that occurr around you. Things keep happening for a reason. Not to piss you off or make you mad. Not because God hates you or because you deserve bad things coming your way. Not because its just karma and these are the cards you’ve been dealt. No. Things happen because they are a wake up call. Someone calls you a bad name to show you what is or more so simply for you to become aware of what is and to decide what is true and what is not. We are not passive beings in the world and even not responding to something that concerns you is a decisision. You choose to be passive or active. The choice is always yours. The greatest gift we are given is the gift of free will. So deciding not to do anything and to simply accept the way your life is going is a decision which is entirely yours. No one can control your thoughts and the way you will experience life. They can however provide a field of movement, throwing a ball in your direction and hoping for it go a certain place on the field. When the ball is in your hands however, there are many moves you can make and many ways to throw it. Its up to you how well you throw or kick which will lead to a goal. How much skill you gain is also dependent on how much effort you place into the game and with what force you exert onto the ball. The same applies to life. If you are passive on a soccer field and the ball simply comes your way and you kick it according to who is open regardless of the goal in mind, you might be playing a game aimlessly with no hope of winning or even just enjoying. Somedays it may be best to just enjoy the game. Others you need to be more productive but at the end of the day, if you can conclude that it was a great game opposed to simply a game, then you could say it was worth playing. There is nothing worse than going through life feeling that you are aimlessly kicking around a ball with no goal in mind. Make sure that at the end of it all you were glad you played, even if it means you didn’t win. If you can say you had a few good moves and scored a goal or two and you are satisfied with the ammount of effort and skill you exerted, then all hail to you! Life is good. Just as in a game if someone kicks the ball too hard to you and you are injured, you are similarly faced with injuries in life. Are you going to mope around all through the game or decide not to play again. Whether you like it or not you are on the field, playing. So make it a memorable game.


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