Attracting goodness through appreciation

The news is filled with rubbish, about who is ahead of who, where the next place of war will be, what the latest fashion is. What’s hot and what’s not. Will there come a time when good deeds will be announced, aside from Nobel prizes and who won the grammys? Will people finally be filled with inspiration when switching on the tv instead of anxiety and dread of what is to come. Can compassion and love be the next hot topic? For decades now people have become aware of the negative effects that the media have on us using it for their own benefit through marketing in order to profit themselves, their companies and with some few who try honestly to create better value for their customers. The problem with the world is this: from day one we are taught to respect others, before ourselves, to have good manners. We are taught to do good because if we don’t we will get burnt, not because it feels good. “If you don’t put on your seat belt you’ll get a fine! Or Dont steal!! You’ll go to jail!!” .We learn different ways of doing things through school, at home, in the community, the way others want us to. Parents want a mini-me. They don’t want an original. Schools want cream of the crop students, placing emphasis on indoctrination and shying away from creativity. This creates a culture where we are drowning our true selves, ignoring true potential and creating self loathing because it doesn’t fit in with the ‘right’ stereotype.
Children are the purest of examples. You only have to watch and listen to what they say to understand this to be true. When you see a child that is a perfect carbon copy of a parent, know that child may never truly be happy, until much later in life of course when it is somewhat too late for him or her to start fresh, to start creating a real identity, one that is not based on what others expect. This happens to most of us. And in our late thirties or forties we start searching for our purpose in life and begin to dream up dreams that came into this world with us but were buried to suit the marketing world of today. What a shame this is right? Wouldn’t it be so much more beautiful if children could learn to think for themselves? If they could inspire themselves instead of await for inspiration from elsewhere? Or if they could learn to love themselves first before being forced to love those around them simply because it is ‘right’, wouldn’t this breed a more loving and caring world. When you learn to value yourself, before anything else, it is so much more simpler to value others. You emanate a deeper understanding of worth and appreciate it in others too. I’m not talking about a narcisistic self love, I’m talking about an appreciation for the self, an acceptance of who you are, including flaws, and allowing room for growth. This kind of love is the kind of love schools should provide, parents should provide. The kind of love that children and adults alike should receive as well as the world around us. An appreciation for all life forms is the foundation of a deeper love that attracts goodness and love to your world.


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