Taking the dive

The question of love is a favorite of mine and has been for years. I may be addicted to the feeling of falling in love again and again and again but then again who isn’t? The thrill of going into a rollercoaster of emotions,  the excitement of talking for hours or just gawking at each other for ages wearing goofy grins, the butterflies in your stomach which feel both weird and wonderful at the same time. There’s the trying so hard to please each other that the rest of the world takes a backseat and you find yourself starring in the new motion picture of your amazingly ‘In love life’ alongside the feeling that you’re in love with everything. And yes, everything seems possible now, dreams that you put on hold, trips that you waited years to go on, yes the list is endless…. We all love it, but then if you know the feeling of love and the amazing honeymoon period, you must also be aware of the falling part where the magic simply fades… Colors that once looked so vibrant are suddenly grey and dull and life goes back to being boring, and although you may still feel love for the person you fell head over heals in love with, its as if the chewing gum has gone stale after a very long time of chewing. Nobody can stay happy forever and remain in a coccoon hoping that nothing will touch them and that Responsibility won’t knock on their door. It simply doesn’t make sense to be in this state at all times. The reality is that if the honeymoon continues way over its expiry date then individuals start losing themselves and become enmeshed in an unhealthy relationship. When couples start to depend on each other more than they should, life starts to happen around them, responsibilities become burdens and blame becomes a key factor where love used to be. I am in no way trying to detract from the magic of falling in love, neither am I attempting to discourage this deliriously happy state from occurring. In fact I may be doing the opposite. I am all for love and magic, and hearts and kisses, but my driving point is this; if you invest in a good pair of goggles, you’ll still be able to see underwater when the water is foggy. Where do you get a good pair of goggles you ask? Perspective is possibly the most important pair you have. When your perspective is aimed toward love and reinventing that same feeling from the start, reliving moments or creating new ones without believing that your partner is on this earth to fill your needs or vice versa, then you may have a shot at dodging the D word and outliving your friends and families in their relationship. Putting an honest 120% into your relationship and committing wholeheartedly is simply key. You cannot be in it and have a .01% doubt that says, oh well if it doesn’t work there’s always divorce. When you decide the best relationship is the only option you give the Best of yourself. The part of you that drives You to be a better person. When both parties do so, even if one has a low point and struggles to find the road back, the other persons compassion and love will lead them back. The key is to stay on board. Keep dancing and keep cleaning your goggles, because from time to time they get foggy too.



One thought on “Taking the dive

  1. Helena

    Thanks for sharing, some times we need to be reminded that it’s okay when things aren’t perfect, we need to keep cleaning our goggles:)

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