You left us last year round about this time. I hate myself for remembering and then I hate myself when I forget but I know when I remember that I am so much more at peace when your beautiful memory is with me. You were amazing throughout our lives, you always stuck by us, but never clung to us giving us the message that we can. You gave us wings to fly and taught us to be brave. You nudged us off the cliff sometimes to show us we could fly and I am eternally greatful for your positive approach. Your memory stays with us through the days and will never go away. Through the most difficult time of your life I truly hope we helped to make your transition from human to angel as painless and as memorable as possible. I will never forget your determined spirit, to fight till the very end. You are a true warrior of light. I pray that even half of the world could be blessed by a father like yourself for you were not just a father, but a guardian angel who picked us up when we fell and guided us through this process called life. May your eternal memory be with us always and may your soul be awakened to possibilities the universe now holds for you in the abundance of God’s Allmighty Grace. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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