Turning time

Today is no more than today, a sequence of hundreds of minutes or moments compiled together to create a huge chunk of your week or month or year or life.  Each moment is distinct, prescious, seperate, yet connected to the next, but as we are all seperate and yet so majestically connected to everyone and nothing simultaneously, so is each moment. When you break your life into these distinct moments, you are also able to break your thought patterns. You become more focused on that which is important, ceasing the moment and putting aside the what ifs and the past and the future. In truth those variables have no true meaning. It is only when you chunk them together to make prescious memorable hours that they become significant either negatively or positively. Affirming to yourself each day or each moment if you wish, that this moment is unique and that you owe it to the moment to make it worthwhile, you become focused on the detail of its beauty and how irreplacable it truly is. It doesn’t serve anyone to affirm that life is short because in reality, who can say that 50 years is short? When life doesn’t go your way it is too damn long! Better serving is saying that each moment is short, because that is truer than the other. Moments pass by at lightning speed. They fool you into thinking that time is on your side, giving the illusion that you can take your time, procrastinate, do what you want to do tomorrow or on the weekend when you are more relaxed. How often has that monent not come? Are you a victim of this false belief. Are you fooling yourself saying I have all the time in the world? Try changing your perspective. Your attitude is influenced by your perspective. When you adopt a new perspective, a better serving one, you can appreciate moments rathers than days, and days will be more memorable because they will be filled with amazing moments. Maybe not because you did amazing things, but your perspective and your attitude towards YOUR moments will fill you with positive energy that will transform your days.


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