For as long as I can remember I have always cared about what people think. I use to say to myself and to others that I really don’t care or I can’t be bothered by what other people’s opinions were of me, but when I had a good dig around the bottom of my ‘cupboard’ I had a shocking realization that in fact nothing matters if people have a low opinion of me. It’s quite a daunting realization to come to me when you decide that in fact none of your decisions are based on your own wants and needs. Now what’s even more daunting, is the realization that most people walk around with their head in the clouds, dreaming of who they will someday be because right now they are too preoccupied with making other people ‘happy’or more specifically, fulfilling other peoples view or opinion of themselves. This in truth doesn’t make other people happy, at least it shouldn’t make them happy, it simply fulfills a need in them that complies with their beliefs of how certain people should act, or how certain things should be, and this provides them with a security blanket or a comfort zone. Now it is not YOUR JOB to make other people happy, nor is it YOUR JOB to keep them all cushy and safe. If you wait for the perfect moment to break up with so and so or for the perfect moment to make that business move, or the perfect moment when you have just enough cash to start off a new venture, I PROMISE YOU, that moment will never come. As sad a reality as it is. It is the TRUTH. Things happen when you take responsibility for who you are, for your situation. When you make a decision that in fact you don’t like the way things are or perhaps you do and you simply couldn’t give a rats ass if how you live doesn’t comply with the majorities ‘norms and standards’. YOU are not here to please other people. We all have a purpose and the sooner you tap into what you truly need and start cleaning out all the hoarded emotions you have been carrying around (because at least you KNOW THEM and you feel SAFE), the sooner you will step into the WHO of who you TRULY ARE. I have always wanted to be a writer, for as long as I can remember. It never occurred to me why though, apart from the liberating feeling of releasing the pent·up emotions and the joy I felt after writing a truly inspirational piece. So now I’m a stay at home mom and one of the things I love to do is listen to one of the most inspirational speakers ever Tony Robbins. He got me thinking, so I love to write And I am a doer, I really get things when I take action and DO them. The puzzle piece just fit together so perfectly in a flash moment when I got to the awareness of the reason behind my love for writing. It makes me feel WORTHY. When I write I feel like I am doing something useful, even if I’m writing hogwash or babbling on about the most useless piece of information on the planet. The point is it makes my soul sing! In the good old days we emphasized reading and writing. Children must be schooled we are taught, so we drill this into them. Even now, children pick up a pen and they scribble something, whatever they do, but as parents we applaud and make a big deal out of it because maybe they’re holding the pen right or they managed to scribble a shape or they tried to write their name! So we have a small celebration and we bring our children to the feeling of extreme joy, and we bring them to the realization of absolute worthiness. Yes they are enough, and in that moment when you are celebrating your child’s tiny achievement, this is huge! You are making history. You are creating associations. You are creating a love for writing because in that action they feel amazing. Now don’t lose focus, I may seem like I’m babbling on here, but my point is this. It all boils down to associations. Its not the action, but the message. Now the truth that I’m trying to get across is this, that no matter your action. YOU ARE WORTHY. That’s the reality. Even when parents don’t have a way of expressing it intelligently. Even if you feel like you really aren’t and you simply don’t deserve to move forward and become the great person you are deep inside. You really really are worthy. When we come to that realization and understand the way associations in our lives work, that we are simply a product of what others have impressed upon us, we can now decide that we are what we CHOOSE TO BE. This for me is life altering. It in no way makes me ungrateful for my passion for writing, in fact it does the opposite. I feel liberated in the knowledge that I can now create my own asociations based on my own appreciation of my worth. It doesn’t depend on anyone else anymore and I honestly don’t NEED to care what other people think or feel about me. When you don’t need this anymore, you act in truth and the peope who truly do care, will love you regardless, or stay regardless, and if they don’t and you find your self left alone, congratulations! You now have no limitations or boundaries, no gawking eyes to watch over you to see what your next mistake is going to be. You are FREE to create and live in liberation. Be inspired. Be limitless. Be FREE.





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