The art of appreciation

There comes a point in ones life when one realizes something which is absolutely pivotal to ones existence, even to ones survival for this realization is truly the only thing that can keep you truly alive. Living any other way is menial, lowly, selfish and in all honestly is no life at all. This point is a moment of embracing love and the knowledge that we are here to love and be loved. As simple as that. If this is all we are here to do then that is awesome and is far better a life to be lived when lived in this way, than a life lived without this realization. Without this, life may be okay, it may even be quite good, but I sense that you might all agree that when you live like this you are always searching for something more, whether it is that soulmate relationship, or that perfect job, or the one thing that is going to make your heart sing for joy. That moment won’t find itself if you keep searching outside. I promise. When you give thanks and pray and you look upward and say please, please help me get better at this, or help my child feel better or whatever it is you’re asking, you are waiting, not living. Stop asking and simply say thank you. Say thank you outward and the feeling is resonated inward. This appreciation of whatever it is you want will bring you what you want. This is not some secret or psychobabble. It’s true fact. Do it and you will wake up to this truth. You can now realize that you are not seperate from God, or Source or Allah or whoever it is you believe in, but that that deity or Devinity is not only within but everywhere, it engulfs you and all that is around you. The space is not really space but this amazing energy of love. Okay, I’m going to pause here and say you’re probably thinking, what is she on? I’m not on anything. I’m just grateful!!! Grateful for the mistakes I have made in my life, Grateful for the people that have come and gone. I am greatful for every essential part of my existence, with absolutely no regrets, because each mistake has lead me to be the person I am today, to question everything and to be ungrateful so as to keep on searching for the greater purpose and reason for living. I am greatful for my negative thoughts that have come and gone till this day for they now enhance the true beauty of what it means to take life into your own hands and create a sense of positivity. I am now able to appreciate this turnaround so much more now, for it allows me to see how bad I was making me. How I was killing myself. How I was wasting my thoughts, giving away effortlessly my beautiful mind to fear and worry and anxiety; a life that can only breed illness. Come to this point. Okay it takes time. It takes work. It takes countless repetitive efforts of training yourself to be someone other than the person you had trained yourself to be unknowingly all through life. They don’t teach you this in school, or in life, and you are lucky if you have loving parents that know this and can guide you into a life of positivity and appreciation. The sad reality is that most people don’t grasp this concept untill it is far too late. Alot of people will charge you for the knowledge to know how to do this. There is no cost to such a concept. Sure there are tricks and things you can do to keep you on track or bring you back when you go off, but the key is to know. The first thing you have to do is truly appreciate. Let go of all blame just for a moment in order to tap into the feeling and just say thanks. If you don’t know what you are grateful for, just start by saying thank you. Thank you for the computer you’re reading this on. Or the time to even be able to read this. The switch of feeling, and the focus on positivity is enough to alter ones state of mind. Maybe just temporarily, even if it is for a split second. Do it. Every time you remember, do it. Soon it becomes second nature and you are in absolute appreciation of the world around you and the world now works with you, you don’t just work in it. You surround yourself with a feeling of love now, not just empty space. When that space is filled, there is no room for negativity, or illness or anything else. If it creeps in love says ” nuh huh, this space ain’t big enough for the two of us cowboy!” There is only love, and it is light, so light in fact that the feeling itself lifts you and movement now seems effortless, chores are done in gratitude and things flow so much easier. You are not held down by the weight of your own mind. You become free. Truly free.


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