Are you running or loving?

Are you in work or are you in business? Now I ask this because alot of the time we get caught up in the chaos of our lives and are too busy to realize that we are stuck in a comfort zone and that we are just content, unhappy and simply tolerating what our lives have become. We think we are prioritizing but in fact we are wasting prescious moments that could become monumental if we actually became aware of how we are truly living.  The word work in greek is douleia. This directly translates into slavery. Doesn’t this pose some sort of question in your mind as to who came up with the word to begin with and who in fact intended it to be exactly that? Quite frankly I’m pretty skeptical and have come to think twice about whether I want to ‘Work’ for someone else or get into Business with myself.

Now the word business stirs in me the need to keep busy, or better so the art of keeping busy. That to me sounds like a far better option than the former. Now how you choose to keep yourself busy is upto you. You can either go to work for someone else, and be a slave to the system, or you can go into busy mode and do something you love for your self and the cause that you love. (This doesn’t necessarily mean you are not an employee. In truth you are working for yourself, because you are enjoying what you do. I hope that makes sense). It’s also important to be able to differentiate between just keeping busy and actually being productively busy. I can say I am in business for myself when in reality I may be doing 101 things that are keeping me busy, just not productive.

My second question to you is this; are you running or are you loving? Now when you think about this you may come to decide which option you prefer regarding the first question I posed. Working for someone else usually entails running around like a headless chicken, going from day to day, meeting demands at the office or workplace whatever that may be, commuting to and from in a ratrace using public transport or even still your own transport and making the economy boom as it must for money to survive, and well for oneself to survive too. The truth about this option however is that unless you are running and loving what you do, you are merely another statistic, with low value to the system and thus have been awarded a job that in code is voluntary slavery.

If you actually choose to remain in that employee state then that’s perfectly okay too, but don’t kid yourself about life and what your time is truly worth. It normally is valued much less than the person themself. This is absurd to me since people devote themselves to a work enviroment so completely and in most cases raises are not even an option. If you are happy doing this happy, that’s perfectly okay, just remember to take inventory of things every now and again so that you are ensuring that you are aligned with your ideals and standards.

The most important thing however, whether you find yourself running or loving is to find one specific thing, and that my dear friends is joy. Only joy will assist you in doing what you truly love without hindering your lifes purpose. When you enjoy what you do, it usually brings with it that which you are passionate about. Somehow, someway, the things you truly want in life, and I say truly for a reason, will find themselves before you by some weird coincidence. When you are enjoying your life and your work, you decide to be on purpose. This means that unlike most people, wherever you are working, be it by yourself or for someone else, when you are coming from a place of joy, your actions are more fruitful and productive. Your work becomes easier and flows with better ease, and you no longer become influenced by the people around you who are negative, but you begin to influence them positively. You will be attracted to people who then share your joy and zest for life or whatever it is you are choosing to focus on. So my advice to you is do not just run, but run and love what you do.


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