Inspire Yourself!! 3 important steps to take

It hit me again today that it simply is a matter of getting your ostrich head out of the sand and moving in the direction in which you know you MUST. Alot of the time we walk around feeling sorry for ourselves, failing miserably in one thing and find that it becomes a pattern which once a habit, this pattern becomes pretty tough to break! We get down and find that it just seems too difficult to break into a specific niche, or we’re trying something which doesn’t exactly resonate with us or align with our wants and needs. The funny thing is though that we are persisiting in this dwindling, spiral abyss when in fact, we could be doing exactly the oposite. Now, we may say to ourself, well its not my fault, and place blame on the copier or the teacher or our poor parents who in fact knew no better. The real fact of the matter is this. If you want results in your life, in any field whatsoever, you have yo stop and take Responsibility for yourself. The old horse and water cliche is not a cliche, in fact it’s true. Anyone can provide the tools, the education, the right method or perfect product for you, but the truth is, if you do not implement and become willing to learn from your mistakes, you simply will not get anywhere. That’s basic math. 1+1 can only equal two if you apply it. Otherwise 1 may be here and the other may be off in some other place quite far from where you live, and trust me this is not something you want to happen.

A way to do this, is to first of all take inventory of your life. Have a good look at what resources you have around you that can get you to the place you want to go. If you find that you have a lot of stuff which simply doesn’t resonate with you. Just let go. Alot of people come to their 40’s only to find they were chasing the wrong dreams or studied in the wrong fields. It’s never too late. I know a sixty year old woman who went to medical school!! She graduated. God knows if she managed to work in the field, but she did it. She took the plunge. As they say better late than never right? Well, wrong. There is no better time than now. If you keep finding excuses for it, then you don’t want it bad enough, or you already know what’s important and are already living your dream life. If that’s the case, congratulations!!

Step 2: Once you’ve gotten rid of the stuff you don’t want and are maybe left with some odd stuff or maybe nothing, you can actually start focussing with more clarity on what you really DESIRE. Maybe you need to learn a few things about a new field or take your life into a whole other direction. Well if you do that you should in fact have some resources at your disposal with regards to skill or talent, even just the desire is enough. This means that this desire has a place in your life and to some degree you have at least an inkling of a foundation on this. If not, google is amazing. You can find all sorts of information on the net and learn alot of stuff. The problem with this is that once you start clicking, that’s if you’re not focussed on what you want, that you could soon get disheartened and distracted by all the different options and difficulties that knowing too much can present. Stay clear and focussed on what you want or at least the direction that you are moving in, and if shiny objects make themselves available to you, use scrutiny, jot them down and decide to check them out later, when you feel freeer and more relaxed. Or just take a nightclass…

The third step is to stay inspired. Now we all know it’s not easy, and getting side tracked and distracted by life can easily bring us down. But the key here is to fire yourself when you go into a negative mode. That’s right, you heard me, or rather read me. FIRE YOURSELF. Would you tolerate wishy washy behaviour from an employee? Would you allow your employees to sit around on facebook all day and mope around about what a crappy life they have. Heck no. So why tolerate this from your topearner? Do you want a team that is inspirational and out there living the dream or one that is halfhearted and simply looking to get by? Take this step seriously. If you find yourself doing all this stuff and never really clicking into the life you are supposed to be living then this is what you need to do. Someone said once take a cold shower… lol. Just kidding, that might work but it’s not necessary right now. Make a point to watch something inspiring everyday. Whatever inspires you. Or do something everyday that fills you with joy, even if it’s excercise… yes I hate that but if it gets you going do it. No one is going to wake the giant inside you up, except for you. Each and every one of us has a giant inside them that is dying to grow up and reach the heights you thought you could only dream of. The only way to really tap into that is find what works for you. Then every day, do it consistently. If you can do it at a specific time of day that is even better. Your habits will soon change and your life will become transformed. Don’t inderestimate this step. It will be the difference that makes the difference! Keep on holding the vision!


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