Take yourself seriously

image-a2288df51d908d2a00647e91abd1ce8acc260c5034ad12718c62de44a637a534-V (1) If you’re an idealist and you want the world to be a better place and you are dreaming of the things that could be, then this article is for you my friend. The event of life is one that can go as easily as it comes. There are no guarantees and there is no one that will promise you that what you do will work and to guide you in the right way, because not one person knows for sure what your needs are. This is why it so important to be clear and focus with absolute determination on the  things you need to do. I’m not talking about business only, or love or whatever, I am talking about all the time. Ok you might say how is that possible? When it becomes a habit, it is. Being aware and showing up for yourself is the very first step in doing this. If you go through life not taking yourself seriously enough, then trust me, no one else will. They may find you to be a pleasant and loving person but when it comes to stepping up they may have their doubts. If you find you are constantly ill or are in a fighting mode, you must stop and question why this flow of life is not coming naturally. Are you yourself hindering your progress because you are sitting around waiting for opportunity to hit your door? Stop waiting. Take inventory of what you need to do and do it. Damnit kick yourself in the ass if you need to!! It’s nice to be romantic and hopeful and dream about a better world etc. and yes up till now I loved being inspired and motivated for moments at a time whilst the rest of the world was going about their business. The fact of the matter is, and sorry to be blunt, or perhaps I am not, but Inspiration is bs. Inspiration my friends is for children, the young and the free. As an adult, you are not allowed to be simply inspired. You must become driven. Your focus must be unwavering and you must know where you are going, because to be absolutely brutal, life will not hand you any freebies. Inspiration is quite simply not enough. Life rewards those that go out there and create the life they desire, not those who sit around on fb all day or playing playstation and dream about some royal member that is going to make it all better for them. When you are a parent or even an aunt or uncle, or just an adult in this world, you have a responsibility, especially if you work with people. That responsibility is to provide the children of this world with loving and supportive guidance, whether they belong to you or not. If you yourself are waiting around,  looking for guidance, how do you expect to guide your children or those around you? Perhaps it’s not something you have ever thought of or something you care very much for, but in all honesty, you guide and influence everyone around you with your behaviour, your words and simply your attitude. People are influenced easily, no matter how vulnerable or strong they think they may be. For every action there is a reaction. So why not take that role seriously. Take it upon yourself to provide something of value, even if its just a smile to a neighbour or a passerby. It could make the world of difference. You never know when the last time your neighbour had a visitor… Step up to the plate people, stop being so afraid of what’s to come. If it is to come then it must be so.


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