A place to write

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There’s a place we all go to where we feel like our true selves. A place where we decide that magic is real and where we take position of our throne as master of our own universe. Everyone has a solace inside them where they can go, even just for a minute. You can close your eyes and like dorothy tap your feet three times and be home. This place is where we remember who we are, where no matter what we’re going through or where we have been or what we have done or what has been done to us, we know, that no one can ever erase our truth, the signature of our being, the song of our soul, the scent of our skin.

This place is where we are connected to God, the universe, something greater, to love, where we love and are completely loved, regardless of everything that defies this. When we go to this place we should be glad. It should be a moment of reassurance that we are on the right path. That our actions and life experiences are in tune with our lifes journey. When we go inside ourselves and we find hurt and tears, and a child that is longing for some comfort, then we know our path has somehow been skewed. This confirmation is again a guide to your truth, it speaks volumes and affirms to you that your voice is still loud and audible. It is an opportunity to comfort that child and remind him/her of the greatness that she/he is. When you meet up with that child what do you say? Man up! Or do you offer a mental hug? The way you approach this is a huge eye opener to how you approach yourself and your life. Now I am not saying give yourself permission to feel sorry for yourself and throw pity parties day in and day out, only be aware of who you are. Are you the comforter or the abuser? Make a mental decision about who you are.
Something about staring at a blank page and feeling a surge of emotions you just don’t know what to do with, brings about a feeling of awakening. You can’t keep hating the page or dwindling in life like a flame dwindles in the cold night air. You must remain alight, if your fire burns out, relight. You are not the flame but the candle. Your soul is the wick, inspiration is the oxygen that feeds the flame and drives your passion. People are just like candles, they can go through life never being lit or they can burnout too quickly. The key is to keep the flame burning and have an endless supply of wax. The wax is the faith, your support system, your resources, your beliefs. Going to that place inside.  Keeping it straight and solid is detrimental to a burning flame….

Making the decision to be responsible for your emotions so to speak, you also allow yourself to become more aware of everything that occurs around you. You no longer are a passive member of the world around you but you become active in a way that shouts LIVE. When you are in this mode you then are able to fully enjoy each activity for what it is and this takes on a therapeutic nature. By this I mean that when you are present in a specific activity whether it is drinking, eating or carpooling, your role becomes complete with the action and you then allow the activity to speak to you. When you are spoken to, you become aware of emotions that certain activities bring about and in this sense you can slowly begin to filter through your experiences and allow them to teach you what lessons in life you are having to redo again and again. Everything then becomes therapeutic. Like an uh hah moment. Allow yourself to be your own therapist and find the place inside you that provides you with that essential peace of mind. No one can find it for you. It is yours to create and recreate day in and day out, with each moment.


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