For the lonely

So its lonely in your head where you dwell within your dreams, through towns and cities you may never have seen.
So its sad when you’re aware that almost everyone’s alone, though they have friends and family, most never truly feel at home.
Its a shame that people talk and judge the rest that live out loud, for it is they who are brave and those who judge that are too proud.
Crime is simple and love is hard, because the truth is that being true to yourself is the most difficult of all.
Is it worth it though in fairness, to be anything but true?
For at the end of it all, you’ll look back and wonder who’s who?
There are times and places for everthing, and sometimes both don’t coexist, and then things become more difficult, but then you’re challenged to insist.
There is nothing in the end that’s worth naught, for everything thats’s done has a reason, and in the end it is wisest that each should follow ther own torch.


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