Treating pain

Pain is an irritating and overbearing companion that does not linger but makes its presence very known to its host. Its like a parasite however even the host sometimes gets too attached to the pain. It becomes something that you can identify with, whether its physical or emotional, when pain becomes a companion, it’s usually pretty difficult to get rid of this hurtful friend. Now I’m calling him friend and companion etc because when we become accustomed to someone, we usually feel they hold some value in our life, whether this is fruitful or not, their purpose is felt, although maybe not understood. Pain justifies our excuses for avoiding life, or social obligations we might feel we owe to the world. It also provides a reason to seek out sympathy and to use the sympathy card in situations where you feel it can be used. Sometimes though, and perhaps too often of the time, pain becomes a parasite that one cannot get rid of. It reaches beyond the surface and drives you to situations you perhaps don’t wish to be in. You feel stuck, but because you have used this excuse for so long, it is difficult to break the chain and live free from pain. Soon you find yourself isolated and even when you feel it’s no longer something you want in your life, you feel like you are too desperate and isolated. And perhaps you feel that you are the pain. This is the crucial moment where disease becomes introduced into your body. If you do not step away from the pain, be it physical, emotional or spiritual then it latches on and becomes you or so you may believe. It is often times very difficult to differentiate the two because in truth we were all born to die, and we will at some point but the key thing in life is to live, and when you live you are not in pain, or at least you appreciate what pain brings to light, address it and move on from it. Spiritual healers or energy healers can be your guide in seperating yourself from the pain and assist you to continue on your path of purpose. Steer clear of the traps that are thrown at you in life, for they will drag you downwards.
Remember always who you are, and that is a loving being, created in love. We all were, even if it is for just some moments, or some time, we were brought into this world in love. Hold that vision and it will become clear who you are, apart from the pain.

In love.


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