We all play a bit of sport hoping to win and get downhearted when it doesn’t happen. There’s a secret in the winning though and it really isn’t a secret at all, it is those who play like they have already won that are the ones to win. Those who play knowing that the outcome makes no differenece but the initial feeling you take into the game that drives it.

Life is alot like this. A game we all play because inevitably we have to. If we don’t play the game, we won’t even come close to life. If we don’t play with the right attitude though, we are bound to be doomed to persistent failure, and there’s nothing worse than feeling like a constant failure.
Now it’s one thing to actually be a constant failure and another thing believing you’re one. There is a slight difference and yet, they are both the same thing, because as someone great once said, whether you think you can or you can’t, you are absolutely right. The reality is that our feelings are energy put into motion, so we decide what we will feel.  Sure for some it is harder than others to get out of a pattern of failure and negativity, and for others it seems easy, but for those where it is easy, it was probably damn hard in the beginning to master this attitude and lead it to reflect onto their life.

Social media displays celebrity lifestyles as glamarous and pretty much easy, but behind the scenes their struggles are as real as everybody elses. Psychology only now teaches how to parent children in the correct way, and still most don’t get it right, however back in the 1800’s children were considered less than. They were not to be spoken to and not heard. Their opinions didn’t matter.  To put it bluntly, children, and in effect the worlds future adults were not given the opportunity to feel worthy, to climb the social ladder with confidence. They were wretched with low self-esteem and character issues that that the world had to suffer the repurcussions of their deep seated anomalies through war and poverty. To be fair, the world is still suffering in parts of the world but I would like to think we are slowly awakening.

People are focusing more on EQ lately and not so much on IQ anymore. Though the significance of IQ will probably never diminish,  EQ is becoming equally as important since this allows for healthy relationships and good social skills which are imperative to survive and live a functional life in todays day and age. Emotional intelligence is by far more important for me for without this crucial ability to gauge ones emotions and contemplate the emotional impact one has on others, one simply becomes a machine, working through society for ones own purpose and not for the greater universal good.

Now you may think that to win in life it is far more important to focus on ones own growth and disregarding others, but the truth is that ying and yang have a very important role in our life: balance. When we are balanced, in fact when everything is balanced then we come to the most functional outcome. The Greeks always say: “Pan metron ariston” this literally means “everything in moderation”. Too much of a good thing is bad. So to conclude, winning is important, but so is being a decent human being and with the right amount of focus on the right stuff, a little can go a long way.


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