Why worrying serves no purpose


Waking up in the morning should provide you with a sense of bliss. Should it not? The very reason we awake is due to the fact that we are alive. There is purpose in the process of arising in the morning and yet most of us do it on autopilot. As with each decision and every moment, even morning should provide one with the choice of awakening. This luxury however has been taken away due to the way society works. We wake up to go to work, to school, to Uni etc. We tell ourselves that we are lazy to get up today and we create a negative cycle that creates a bad aura around the morning ritual which should in fact be sacred and filled with gratitude. We create a negativity around the things we do because we feel obliged to do them, as if our choice has been taken out of it. The truth is ithas not.

It is due to the fact that your heart continues to beat and your limbs still agree to function that you arise each morning. Now if illness has you stifling and struggling more than most to get up, of course this struggle is more difficult for you, but the fact that you awake, holds very much meaning. In awakening their is surely purpose for every little cell provides some function in the worlds anatomy.

I chose to awaken today with a smile on my face, regardless of my worry infested mind and my various issues that linger about. Today I would choose not to worry. Just for today. Each day I have a different strategy. Be it to be kind, to be productive, loving, organised, whatever the case. Today is my day for putting worry aside. strategy. Snd so I am.

Alot of smokers quit smoking this way. They decide that just for one day they do  not smoke. They take each day at a time without ever realising that they have stopped smoking simply because they had decided for one day that they would not smoke. So I have put worry in a pretty box. Put it aside andwill continue to do so until it is no longer an issue.

This can be done with whatever issue you feel is controlling your life, because WE are in control of our lives, but simply allow ourselves to believe we are not. When school and work takes away the bliss of awakening each day then we should be taking a step back and asking why, for it isn’t really those factors that have tampered with our juice to live, but our very own minds.

People are too suggestive and this is very dangerous. This is why we have created a world where war infested countries are just another fact and homeless children are ignored because there are millions and no one feels they can take responsibility for them. When people become a mind of their own they become powerful. How many minds did not follow the trend and become just another robotic being in society? So many talented human beings defied the statistics. Mozart, Van Gogh, Einstein heck even Stallone didn’t take no for an answer when he wrote Rambo. He insisted that it be screenplayed even after it was rejected time and time again.

Now I know you’ve heard this story before and are probably sick to death of being told that failure is not failure but success turned inside out. You’re probably wondering how people do it and think to yourself what a load of ballony. But its not. Its a decision. It may be hard at first but, determination is the only cure to a worry filled mind. Its like a switch. By being on constant alert of your thoughts and actions you are intune with your thoughts. This is the first step to controlloing the direction of your thoughts. Once you can control your thoughts, the rest becomes easier, because then you are not infected by the daily drama of others, but can move forward in the direction you intend to go into.


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