Who controls your mind?



Who is in control of the world’s mind? Who holds the remote control? Is it God, is it the Media? Is it the Government in power? The idea of mind control is a huge subject. Are we in control of our own minds? Have a think about it. I would have to say that this has nothing to do with anyone else except for yourself. When I refer to mind control I am referring to you having absolute control of your own mind. For some this may be simple, however for most it surely is a vast challenge. This all begins with the notion of discipline for without having discipline, we cannot control our own minds, and when we cannot even control our minds, there is very little that we can control. We become puppets in a puppet show and at the end of it all, we will have nothing to show for it if we do not take control of the puppet strings. This usually leads to a variety of emotional issues that feed into the ego and affect our lives first and then the lives of those around us, mostly our children and our spouse. We can blame the media all we want, our parents, the economy, but the fact is, the result of our lives, usually stems from a lack of disciplining our own minds.

Each person comes into this world for a certain reason, or so most believe. Heck even if this is far from the truth, we at least owe it to ourselves and to those around us to be honest and true to ourselves firstly, to others and live life peacefully and happily. For the most part this means without conflict but it also requires one to live with a large degree of positivity, whilst providing purpose and value in our life. No single person was put on this earth, be it by God or by his own creation, to simply suck out the oxygen of the world and deprive the next person of this valuable element. Each person has worth and each has the right to live well.

There are only two ways to live life however: actively and passively. The world mostly caters for the latter and if you think about the way the world works, we are unconsciously designed to live passively. We are taught to use our brains from 9-5, during school hours, to come home and watch television, to hire help instead of organizing our own households. Even the way technology is progressing, everything is becoming one touch operated, making life simpler and easier, yet medical researchers have demonstrated over and over again that Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and various others illnesses develop as a result of inactivity of some parts of the brain. A recent study demonstrated with individuals with Parkinson’s, after riding bicycles the effects of the disease were lessened to a great extent. Something in the activity of riding a bicycle obviously triggers parts in the brain which gives it the ability to cope better. It is also well known that by keeping our minds active and taking different routes to work every day, basically stimulating the brain daily somehow prolongs Alzheimer’s if it is to occur. The key is to avoid living life on autopilot and to actively engage and BE AWARE AND PRESENT in EVERYTHING THAT WE DO.


The effects of social media unfortunately are hugely debilitating since they keep us plastered to a chair, passively roaming the net, or watching sitcoms for hours on end without the thought of things we need to be doing in order to attain the life we want. On the other hand we work all day for someone else and when we finally have time for ourselves and our families, we ‘choose’ to switch off because it is easier since we are drained from devoting all of ourselves to someone else and this mentality erases the desire to give 100% to ourselves as well. There is a way we can conquer this however if we take Rich Dad Poor Dad’s advice and work for others as though we are working for ourselves, because in truth we are, however we devalue ourselves to such a degree that the only value we give ourselves, is the amount of the paycheck we receive at the end of each month.

We no longer memorize cellphone numbers, because our phones store these for us. Data is saved on computers and we know exactly where to access them. Now of course it is futile to memorize every number and recipe and is also virtually impossible to know everything there is to know that google provides the answer to, but keeping our mind active and engaged most of the time makes life so much more rewarding. We get stuck on Facebook watching what everyone else is doing, admiring, and pretty much wasting precious time which will NOT be returned to us. Time lost is forever gone and there is nothing you can do to get the minutes, hours and days back which you consciously chucked away. Yes sleep and resting is a wonderful and necessary part of life, but sleeping those 15 minutes extra in the morning is really not going to make such a huge difference. So unless you are a first time mother and seriously sleep deprived, SLEEP IS FOR THE DEAD!

When you aware and actively involved in your life as opposed to being a passive bystander taking orders, life takes a new and far more fulfilling role. You see things and hear things that you may never have noticed before. Your antennae’s are up and even opportunities that you would have normally missed you are now open to. Everything becomes a challenge because you now care, whereas before you may have only given precedence to things that affected you immediately or so you thought. In truth, everything that surrounds you affects you whether you grasp this concept or not. When you switch modes, you will find you have far more energy even for activities you previously loathed to do. Eckhart Tolle’s The power of Now does a brilliant job of bringing you into the present, making you aware of what you are and have right now, assisting you to focus on what’s important rather than dwindle away with the majority of the world.

If you are having trouble switching modes, there are so many resources that can help you get back on the right track, even if you feel you have never been on the right track. The key factor however is in making the Choice. You have to Choose to be in control of your own mind. There are no ifs buts or maybes about this. No Halfway houses or halfhearted attempts, because if that is how it’s going to be, I promise you now, you will never change your life and you will always be stuck on that one-way street, looking back at the end of it all and feeling hopelessly defeated. The wonderful thing is, that everyone, no matter how defeated, how worthless you may feel, how many years you feel you have wasted, whether you are retired or at the start of your life, there is always a second, or third or fifth chance. You can choose not to turn yourself away, even if the rest of the world seems to have done so. You can make the decision to start fresh, no matter where you are in life, and take your mind into your own hands. Once you wholeheartedly make the choice to never look back, you can begin to take real control and your life will begin to unfold before your very eyes. Make the choice today. It’s that simple. And no, I don’t have the answers for you, for we each carve out our own road to success. Only you know what you need for your life to be what you want it to be. Ultimately, we all know, we simply have to choose.




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