10 Months Later…

It seems a lifetime ago that there were just 8 weeks to go, and now it is just ten months later. With only 10 months of him, I am overwhelmed by the gratitude and amazement I have for the life that has been introduced to me through my little man. I never knew such love could exist and so much joy can  come from one little  person. I think with my dear Gabby I never gave myself the opportunity to really shine and enjoy her. She was our first, times were stressful with being a new parent, and there is so much you just don’t know and need to find out and honestly, we make a heck of a lot of mistakes along the way. This time round, I won’t say I’m happier or more grateful, I would just say that I am those things, minus the stress of parenting. Sure, time management is a real challenge, and organization really takes a step out the door but I promise you now that having two is far better than having one. Babies can teach young children so much without the interference of adults. When firstborns are aware of how much you love both children, they have a tendency to want to protect the little one. Sure they are children, and don’t expect miracles, but they have an innate ability to want to love and care for younger ones, when this is the same approach you use with them.

 Through all the stress of being unemployed and then suddenly finding myself in an amazing job with shifts, being away during the nights when the little one has fevers and the not knowing if the discipline tactics I’m using are right for my Gabby, with housework and school runs and bouts of feeling low and then up again, I have to say that I am getting it right. Sure I make mistakes, and my house is a mess more often than not, some days the TV doesn’t switch off and alot of the time I lose track of what day it is and yes I am guilty, I forget birthday’s! I’m not my old self, who used to remember everyone’s birthday, who responded to messages and emails almost immediately and with the right amount of compassion required for each situation. Life after children is just not the same! Anyone who tells you it is, is blatantly lying or simply in denial, drowning in the amount of overwhelm but still trying to look good juggling it all, or perhaps they have a ton of help and support around them, so much that they are not being a full time mother because half the responsibilities are shared. Sure having a partner is supposed to lift the burden right. Well sometimes it’s like having an extra kid… Not easy running a household with so many mouths to feed and everyone’s taste buds honing to a different frequency! It is fun though! It’s such a challenge challenging yourself, competing with the day and fighting for time in every situation, and still finding those ten minutes a day for either unwinding or meditating or just to be greatful, never all three, possibly a combination of all in between doing the laundry and making breakfast. Being a mom has got to be the most rewarding and simultaneously frustrating job in the world. It will test you, tease you, and just when you think you’re on top of things, someone throws a spanner in the works! What I love most about being a mother of two, is that no matter how the days go, or how demanding and miserable I may have been, at the end of the day, when I walk through the door, exhausted and ready to quit, I see smiles light up the room and my heart is filled up again with so much love and gratitude that I feel I have fuel to hold me for another century, and that, is what makes it all worth it, so just ten month later I can happily say, I look forward to everyday, week, month and all the years filled with all of the magic that children bring, because they truly are magical! If you look with your heart you will see, our eyes are too heavily influenced by the social brain! Make love your main ingredient in everything you do and you will find that any challenge can become a positive lesson and you’ll discover that amazing things will unfold in all areas of your life…


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