Mind Control

Does the idea of mind control when mentioned bring a sort of desire to control others? Perhaps it even brings about the desire to hypnotise others in order to get what one wants. What I am talking about here however has nothing to do with anyone else except for yourself. When I refer to mind control I am referring to you having the very control of your own mind. For some this may be simple, however for most it surely is a vast challenge. This all begins with the notion of discipline for without having discipline, we cannot control our own minds, and when we cannot even control our minds, there is very little that we can control. This usually leads to a variety of emotional issues that feed into the ego and affect our lives first and then the lives of those around us, mostly our children and our spouse.

For alot of people, their minds are on autopilot, thinking in a certain way, judging and analyzing their surroundings and alot of the time they are not fully present in their current situation to completely arrive at honest observations that are not tainted by the influence of the past and the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘what ifs’. Each person comes into this world for a certain reason, or so most believe, as do I. Heck even if this is far from the truth, we at least owe it to ourselves and to those around us to be honest and true to ourselves firstly and be happy so that we are able to offer the best for our lives. So, in order to be happy, we should be able to be the director of our own lives, not merely believing we are…

One way to remain in control is to challenge ourselves. By challenge, I mean, make a list of things that are difficult for to do. Everyday or random acts that one has difficulty with. Each day or week or for as long as you need to perfect something, and instil it as a habit, choose to oppose it and go against it for the good of yourself. For example, if for a long time you have wanted to quit smoking and be healthier, challenge yourself every time you desire a cigarette to go against the desire and convince yourself that you are doing it for the better parts of you. We all have a little devil and an angel lurking about our inner beings but we often believe we are doing something for ourselves and feel we have a right to do so, that we owe it to ourselves to do things that make us happy, ignoring the fact of the overall good and our overall happiness. One way to consider this is to consider that both parts in you, the one that desires the cigarette, and the one that desires good health, are looking out for you, only the one is fooling itself and is probably driven by the ego.

It’s important to start off with small things. Lets say you love sleep but at the same time you are one of those people who complain there is just not enough time in the day. Challenging yourself each day to wake up a little earlier, say 5 to 10 minutes just to meditate or make a to do list for the day. Just like we like to be in competition with others and win over others in a game of chess, allow yourself to feel as though you are in a competitive game with yesterdays self. It’s easy to get swallowed up by the ego and feel like we are on the right path and doing everything we should be doing, but when we take inventory of what is working and what is not, we will soon realise that we are on our own side when we are in control of our mind, leaving behind the illusion of being in control and being on the defence constantly, getting taken in by the tides of the day.

Mind control is a discipline that one can practice just as golf, football, or even overcoming a lisp. It can seem hard to some and easier to others. Starting small with these little challenges can bring you into the direction you need to go to ask yourself the questions of where you are right now, whether you are present and aware of what your mind is doing. A lot of you may be familiar with the way our thoughts create things, and this is why it is so important to be able to distinguish what is going on inside our head and not simply moving to the flow of someone else’s agenda. I would love to hear your views on this topic and discuss this further.

Keep listening to the inner wiring of your brain map 🙂


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