Permission to Pee!

It’s a strange feeling having someone ask you for permission to pee. My daughter turned to me yesterday and asked me if she could go to the toilet. I was shocked. I couldn’t quite fathom why she would need my permission. It dawned on me then that the whole education system is designed to entrap children and stop them from being free. We are fooled as parent to believe that they will be learning how to think, how to be disciplined and all the rest of the benefits that schools provide, but what they don’t tell us is that really what they’re doing is encaging their spirits, disabling them of the intrinsic freedom they are born with. It’s no wonder the word job means just over broke. Has anyone who has a job ever questioned this? It struck me dilly when I heard this. Another crazy word you may not be familiar with is the Greek word douleia, which again literally translated means slavery.

I always knew I wanted to work for myself, that I couldn’t be making someone else money while I was doing a good job. That’s why I went to study and aimed for a profession. In the end, even that turned out to be ridiculous because the amount of money I invested into studying, would take decades to be remade at the rate our economy is going. I had to work a few dead end jobs and take enough abuse from employers while my children sat at home and were raised by someone else to finally decide that I was no one’s puppy. I would not be trained to do as they wished, I decided to train myself. It took me several years to hit this turning point in my life and only a few weeks to change the habits I had so long engraved into my day to day life.

Grating through depression and learning to be thankful for everything, even the bad things in life took some hard work but I am finally able to get up in the morning and bless my day, my children, my home and my love. I now go through the day thanking the universe for all the wonderful things that I have been blessed with. I even thank it for things I don’t have but want which I know I can have. I know now that nothing is impossible but that the world is filled with endless possibolities, however it’s upto us to find them.



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